It is also assumed that a lawyer who is going to travel in the professional interest will charge a higher fee than a lawyer who is part of the local bar, as he will not be able to provide legal assistance to other clients during his journey. For example, for a division inheritance process that takes place, it is advisable to turn to a lawyer, whose presence at trial at the numerous trial terms will involve travel expenses and an increased fee. Representation in state authorities and local self-government, officials and officials, enterprises, institutions, organizations, in the court of general jurisdiction, economic and administrative courts, their appeals and cassation instances, and the Supreme Court.

If, according to your medical evidence, you suffer future losses and expenses due to your inability to work and require future treatment, medication and medical assistance, care and assistance or any specific adjustments, you will need an adapted vehicle, etc., this is part of your application. So contact us for any query or requirement.

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